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And she crosses the finish line!  I can't thank you guys enough!!!!!!!!!!!  You have no idea how much you have helped my family!!!!  Actually you have all the paperwork!...


...[My brother] has recovered pretty quickly from Covid.  Tuesday morning we are both going for tests.  If we are both negative, I can move him into Ingleside and start carting around Mom again.  One stop shopping!!!  I am going to wait a few months to make an appointment for myself - get a professional POA like we talked about.  


There is a special place in heaven for you guys!

~ L. H. (Oct 2021)

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~ Sue S. (2019)

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Delaware Elder Law is the best. Yes, let them guide you through with their heartfelt expertise and compassion. ~ Diane B. (2019)

I cannot thank you enough Allysyn!! That is great news we got the Medicaid approval for both mom and dad!!!! I know it was very difficult and complex …and we didn’t stand a chance without you!  It is such a relief. I was getting nervous and we REALLY didn’t have a plan B…but you did such a great job!!  I would encourage EVERYONE to come to the Delaware Elder Law Center for guidance!

You guys are the BEST!!. ~ Rosemarie H.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Aging Life Care Association Professional, I have referred many clients to Wade Scott over the years. His knowledge and expertise have been invaluable for helping families plan for the care of their loved ones. Wade walks families step by step through the estate planning process, helping them to create a plan that ensures they will receive the care they need as they get older. I always feel confident that my clients are well-served by the Delaware Elder Law Center. ~ Karen C. (2020)

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